Version Update (Mar.28th)

Mar 26, 2019

Dear Rangers,

We have a Server maintenance scheduled from 7:00AM - 9:00AM (CET), 1:00AM -3:00AM (EST) on Mar 28. Please log-out and close the game before the update to prevent any data loss. Maintenance duration may vary slightly depending on if there are any complications. Please check our Facebook page for any updates!

Updated Content:

1. New Weapon: Warblade

The Warblade is long yet slender, and boasts the greatest reach of the Rangers' close combat weapons, perfect for wide slashes. Gripped in both hands, a variety of hack, slash and lunge combinations are possible, giving both power and speed to the user's attacks. As practiced in its homeland, the wielder of a Warblade must discipline their Ki, an inner force that grows steadily in the heat of battle. Proficient Warblade users are able to strike with extreme finese. Mastering the tempo of combat by honing the power of Ki is what every Warblade wielder strives to achieve.123456.jpg

2. April Fool's Day Event

During the event, rangers can use April Fool's Day Vouchers (dropped from fishing and treasure dig mini games) to redeem for the limited-time "April Fool's Day" costume.


3. New Item: Speed Expedition Order

Selecting Speed Expedition mode and expending an Expedition Order before entering the instance will grant doubled rewards for that hunt.

4.New Quest "A Qualified Instructor" and new Costume "Veteran's Glory" for Instructors


5.New Costume "Guardian" and New Harness "Wolf Pack"

"Guardian" series weapon costume and "Wolf Pack" harness are available in Divination for a limited time.Talk to Leia the Seer in Rosewall Tavern!

6.All Rangers can get a free Character Modification Contract through in-game mail.

7.Several new Bundles on sale! (Apr 1)

May your hunts be plentiful, Ranger!

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