Version Update (Apr.25th)

Apr 23, 2019

Dear Rangers,

We have a Server maintenance scheduled from 8:00AM - 10:00AM (CET), 2:00AM -4:00AM (EST) on Apr 25. Please log-out and close the game before the update to prevent any data loss. Maintenance duration may vary slightly depending on if there are any complications. Please check our Facebook page for any updates!


1. Updated Content

New Behemoths: Kirin, Thorzan, Vile Saphros and Bone Howler

New Equipment: Kirin Set

Evolution lvl cap for armor sets and weapons is increased by one. Weapons can be leveled up from 94 to 95 and armor pieces can be evolved from 90 to 95.

2. New Event: Malheim Challenge. 

Duration: Apr 25 - Apr 30

The Malheim Challenge event is a continuous hunt to sweep clear the most dangerous behemoths upon Malheim. 

The Malheim Challenge is divided into two parts: ‘Earth Dominator’ and ‘Sky Overlord’, these can be challenged every other day. Earth Dominator contains land behemoths and Sky Overloard contains flying ones. 

To complete one latter challenge, you must defeat two behemoths of the same type in succession on the same hunt.

How to participate: Go to Allan Arion in Oath Square and enter with Hunting Vouchers.

Also note that Speed Expedition Orders can be used for double rewards in this event, and 'assist' mode has been disabled.

3. New Costume: Templar 

Duration: Apr 25 - May 22

Glory to the Lord! "Templar" is available in Divination for a limited time. Talk to Leia the Seer in Rosewall Tavern.

4. Items now available in the Mall 

Duration: Apr 25 - May 8:

Greatsword Specialization Chest

Lance Specialization Chest

Longbow Specialization Chest

Twin Blade Specialization Chest

Staff Specialization Chest

Gauntlet Specialization Chest

Warblade Specialization Chest

Eternal Flame

5. Several Bundles on sale!

May your hunts be plentiful, Ranger!

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