Version Update (Jun. 06th)

Jun 05, 2019

Dear Ranger, due to some technical issue, there will be a 2 hours delay on server maintenance. Additional compensation will be sent later. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Dear Rangers,

We have a Server maintenance scheduled from 8:00AM - 10:00AM (CET), 2:00AM -4:00AM (EST) on 6th June. Please log-out and close the game before the update to prevent any data loss. Maintenance duration may vary slightly depending on if there are any complications. Please check our Facebook page for any updates!


1. Updated Content

    Minor bug fix

2. Divination

    Weapon Skin: Knight King

    Harness: Chosen

3. Materials available in Mall

Rare Items:

    Weapon Specialization Chests

            20 times weekly limitation

            Duration: 06 June - 19 June

    Eternal Flame

        1 time weekly limitation

        Duration: 06 June - 19 June


    Blessing Bundle:

        Lucky Clover *10

        Silver * 50,000

        2 times weekly limitation

        Duration: 06 June - 19 June

    Trainer's Bundle

        Twilight *1

        Silver Laurel *3

        Golden Laurel *1

4. Limited Palm Candle On Sale

    Palm Candle will be back on sale again! During June 06 to June 09, buy Palm Candle from Leia. Candles can be used during the     whole event: June 06 to June 19. Unused Palm Candles will be saved in your inventory and can still be used in future Palm             Candle season.

    Made from a palm tree, Palm Candles can be used to pray in special events. While in effect, you will get 2 extra weak or higher     Wild Souls (including mutated Wild Souls) when you kill a behemoth for 5 hunts. This prayer effect does not apply to The Lost Isle     or story instances.

    Duration: 06 June - 19 June

    Palm Candles can only be used from 06 June to 19 June

5. Father’s Day Login Rewards

    Login during 13 June to 19 June for limited rewards!

6. Father’s Day Discord Story Sharing Event

    Share your father & children stories with us under the discord channel; EVENTS / #father's-day. The stories can be with either         your father or your own children. Top rated entries will win special gifts including Lucky Clovers and Awakening Fruits!

    Check our discord server for the details now!

    Duration: 13 June - 20 June

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