• Twin Blades

    Twin Blades is the combination of two one-handed swords. Rangers with twin blades make torn wound to the monsters, which creates tremondous damage.

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  • Lance

    The combination of lance and shield provides rangers with both offensive and defensive ability. In battlefield, rangers with lance can attract monsters attention therefore create opportunities for teammates to make higher damage.

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  • Armored Gauntlets

    Armored Gauntlets rangers have the ability to make explosive damage to particular body parts to the monsters. Its skill set also provide rangers with higher dodge that increases gauntlets rangers' flexibility and chance to survive in battlefields.

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  • Longbow

    Rangers with longbow are great at making continuous damage to monsters. Its long range is also crucial for the team to make damage to monsters weak body parts that are very hard to reach in close combet.

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  • Staff

    With different Skill Runes, rangers with staff can manipulate different element. As a long range weapon, Staff makes great magic damage to monsters who are weak in magic defense.

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  • Greatsword

    Greatsword owns strong destructive power. With this explosive force, Rangers who use greatsword play an improtant role in team who make the fatal blow to Monsters.

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  • Dragons

    Dragons are the most powerful Behemoths. They are always the leaders of the Behemoths herds. In battlefields, Dragon can be a huge threat because it usually comes with a large group of Behemoths.

    Dragons Dragons Dragons
  • Mutants

    Mutants are very dangerous. Besides affecting other creatures around it, Mutated Behemoths can absorb elemental power and use more ways to attack.

    Mutants Mutants Mutants
  • Giants

    Giants are a common kind of Behemoths. Most of them are transformed by the effect of Wild Soul from normal monsters, so that they usually share the same habit with their origins.

    Giants Giants Giants
Gabriel - Angel of Light


Helio - The Sun Lord


Nyx - Goddess of the Night


Cernunnos - The Lifebringer


Lilith - The Gluttonous Flame


    1. Gabriel - Angel of Light

      A Light god, the Angel of Light, and the right-hand man of Hyperius, Lord of Light.

    2. Aurora - Goddess of Dawn

      A Light god and the Goddess of Dawn.

    3. Ezrael - The Oracle

      A Light god, also called "Sleepless Ezrael" because he ceaselessly observed everything that happened in the world.

    4. Raphaela - Aegis of Light

      A Light god, the supreme protector, and the guardian of Heaven.

    5. Orion - Warden of Thunder

      A Light god, the lord of thunder and lightning, and a god without wings.

    6. Bhishma - The Enlightened

      A Light Wild Soul, an immortal god with a bow of light, and a strict adherent to unwavering principles of justice.

    1. Helio - The Sun Lord

      A Titan god, the embodiment of the sun, and the source of eternal flame.

    2. Týr - God of War

      A Titan god, the crimson blade-wielding God of War, and a storm that sweeps across the battlefield.

    3. Vulcan - The Forgemaster

      A Titan god, a sentient piece of metal, and the progenitor of the crafts of forging and blacksmithing.

    4. Tiamat - The Dragon Mother

      A Titan god, the dragon progenitor, and the queen wings and scales.

    5. Abaddon - Lord of Destruction

      A Titan god, a child of Tartarus, and the god of anger and destruction.

    6. Terra - The Earth Warden

      A Titan god, an eternal wanderer, and a lover of mountains, rivers and forests.

    1. Nyx - Goddess of the Night

      A Shadow god, the maiden of the night, and the mistress of the palace of dreams.

    2. Sitri - Eye of the Abyss

      A Shadow god, the goddess of pain, and the watcher of the abyss.

    3. Viktor - The First Vampire

      A Shadow god, the devourer of life, and the prince of blood.

    4. Morgana - Goddess of Magic

      A Shadow god, the spawn of a curse, a scholar of magic, and the most unconventional of the Shadow gods.

    5. Skadia - Mistress of Winter

      A Shadow god, the companion of the northern wind and squawking crows, and the goddess who guides the dead.

    6. Khan - Avatar of War

      A Shadow Wild Soul, the embodiment of worldly strife, and a ferocious beast. 

    1. Cernunnos - The Lifebringer

      A Nature god, a forest hermit, and the sower of the seeds of life.

    2. Undine - Spirit of the Sea

      A Nature god, the embodiment of water, and the mistress of springs and lakes.

    3. Megaera - Goddess of Vengeance

      A Nature god, the punisher of evil, the tear of destruction, and the symbol of vengeance on those who seek destroy nature's balance.

    4. Fenris - Fang of the Wild

      A Nature god, the leader of wild beasts, and the first and only alpha wolf.

    5. Artemis - Spirit of the Wind

      A Nature god, an unbridled runner, and the freest of all living things.

    6. Ceres - Goddess of Nature

      A Nature god, the Lady of Golden Fields, and a fertility goddess of growth and harvests.

    1. Lilith - The Gluttonous Flame

      A Mystic god, the embodiment of an insatiable appetite, and the purest yet most dangerous of Eros' children.

    2. Melaina - The Sleeper

      A Mystic God and a manipulator of fear with the appearance of a sweet young lady. 

    3. Saga - Keeper of Secrets

      A Mystic god, the goddess of emptiness, and the keeper of the secrets passed down from the old gods.

    4. Azathox - The Core of Chaos

      A Mystic god, a nonsentient deity, and a core containing countless souls.

    5. Deva - Goddess of Deceit

      A Mystic god, a feared serpent deity, and the Goddess of Deceit.

    6. Janus - Lord of the Games

      A Mystic god, the prince of revelry, and a carefree deity of fun.

Become a Master of Weaponry
Become a Master of Weaponry

Master 6 unique weapon types: Greatsword, Lance, Longbow, Twin Blades, Staff, and Armored Gauntlets. Each offers a different combat style with different skill sets and attributes to aid you in slaying even the toughest monsters.

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Hunt the Ultimate Prey
Hunt the Ultimate Prey

Form a team with other players, or go at it alone and take down hundreds of fierce beasts and monsters. Explore the diverse wilderness of Malheim and encounter challenges along the way whether you are a trainee, or a seasoned Ranger.

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A Free-Roaming World
A Free-Roaming World

Engage in real-time combat with a completely unlocked camera and take in the world of Rangers of Oblivion. Hunt, slay, and loot monsters to forge stronger equipment and take down tougher and tougher foes.

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Next-Gen Graphics
Next-Gen Graphics

Dive into a highly detailed 3D fantasy world with an ever-changing environment. A day/night cycle, weather system, ocean tides, swaying vegetation, and even snowstorms come together to bring the world to life.

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Wide Range of Game Modes
Wide Range of Game Modes

Live out the tale of a legendary Ranger in the Land of Malheim with so much more to experience than just the hunt. Catching wild horses, searching for hidden treasure, going fishing, and cooking exotic dishes are only some of the activities for you to discover.

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Customize Your Appearance
Customize Your Appearance

Customization starts from the very beginning with full character creation options. Watch your appearance change from a novice to a master as you level up and acquire better and better equipment. If you ever get bored, change your look completely with one of the many in-game costumes, from scurvy pirates to hi-tech assassins.

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