Nov 23, 2018



The Lance is a weapon possessing both defensive and offensive capabilities. Gripped in their right hand, Rangers often pair it with a sturdy shield in their left; a combination that embodies the unique battle style it offers. Rangers wielding the Lance play the role of defenders on the battlefield, raising their shields to ward off lethal behemoth strikes toward themselves and their allies. However, this is not to suggest it lacks offense. By casting the Lance forward and charging into battle, Rangers are able to launch attacks with a momentum unstoppable even by behemoths. 


With the right Wild Soul skills, Lancers can dominate a behemoth’s attention, giving allies the room to maneuver and the chance to deal damage. In light of this, the Lance is a favorite among highly-devoted Rangers, for as the Ranger Edgard once said: “A shield protects its loved ones, while a blade welcomes the enemy”. Having a Lance on your side brings you one step closer to victory on the battlefield.


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