Nov 23, 2018



While belonging to the long-range class like the Longbow, the Staff releases neither arrows nor ammunition but blasts of magic energy, formed through harnessing ether. It is perhaps better to consider the Staffs wielded by Rangers as tools for diverting energy rather than as weapons. Following the establishment of the Rangers, this kind of weaponry was developed by various researchers within the inner ranks. The Staff embodies their achievements and understanding of ether. Pairing Staves with Skill Runes can alter skills’ Elemental Stats, which allows for greater flexibility in engaging behemoths of varying types in battle. It can also deal damage at a remarkably long range, casting forth deadly beams of light and blasts of magical power to turn enemies into dust. 


Staff-wielding Rangers are wise without exception and especially perceptive. Like the Ranger Edith, superior Staff users put their wisdom to use in selecting Weapon Runes to better fit the conditions of each battle. With this, victory over a greater number of behemoth variants can be achieved.


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