Version Update (Aug 15th)

Aug 14, 2019

Dear Rangers,

We have a Server maintenance scheduled from 8:00AM - 10:00AM (CET), 2:00AM -4:00AM (EST) on August 15th. Please log-out and close the game before the update to prevent any data loss. Maintenance duration may vary slightly depending on if there are any complications. Please check our Facebook page for any updates!


New Content:

1. New Weapon Skill Runes: 

Greatsword: Blink Thrust-Groundbreaker

Longbow: Multishot-Solid Edge


1. Battle of the Past: Duration Aug 15 – Aug 28 23:59 GMT+8

2. Master Angler: Duration Aug 15 – Aug 28 23:59 GMT+8

3. Divination: Duration Aug 15 – Sept 12 23:59 GMT+8

Wraith (Costume Skin)

Starveil (Weapon Skin)

4. Limited Palm Candle Sale: Duration Aug 15 – Aug 29 23:59 GMT+8


Wild Soul Pack

Ancient Veinstone Bundle

Blessing Bundle

Ancient Engraving Blessing Pack

Ancient Engraving Bundle

Emerald Heart Bundle

Total Recharge:

Rangers will get gift packs while reaching certain recharge levels

Special Social Media Event: The Special Companion

Fix & Optimization:

1. Hunger Heroes Marathon: now Omnipotent Engraved Blades exchanged by hearts can be correctly used at Master Brokk

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