ROO Player Migration Notification

Mar 11, 2021

ROO Player Migration Notification

Dear Rangers,

Rangers of Oblivion has closed all recharge services in the latest update and will be closing EU and US servers on March 31st. From now until March 30th, all ROO players can apply through Customer Service to receive gifts in our other mobile games, Legacy of Discord or Forsaken World, based on the total amount they recharged in ROO.

Detailed information is provided below:


1. Your character in ROO must be at least level 10.

2. Your account in ROO must have been registered before March 11, 2021.

3. Your character must have logged into ROO within the last 6 months (from Sept. 10, 2020 to March 10, 2021).

Application Period:

March 11 - March 30

Application Procedure:

1. Make sure your ROO account/character meets all requirements listed above.

2. Install and open the game you want your gift to be sent to (Legacy of Discord or Forsaken World, you may only choose 1 game) and create a character if you do not already have one. Copy your character ID and note your server.

3. Go to Customer Service in ROO and file a ticket.

4. Tell us which game you want your gift sent to, and the character ID and server in the new game (not your ROO character ID).

5. Gifts will be sent to your new game via in-game mail within 1-2 weeks.

Migration Gifts Tier

Players will receive different gifts according to the total amount they recharged in ROO.

Above $1500   Tier 1 Gift (Worth $1200)

$501 - $1500   Tier 2 Gift (Worth $800)

$101 - $500    Tier 3 Gift (Worth $240)

$11 - $100     Tier 4 Gift (Worth $45)

$1 - $10       Tier 5 Gift (Worth $5)

No Recharge   Tier 6 Gift (Worth $2)

Learn more about LOD and FW here:

LOD information (

How to get your character ID in LOD: Go to the Character Info menu and look under ID.


FW information (

How to get your character ID in FW: Go to Settings and look next to Character ID.


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