Version Update (Feb.14th)

Feb 13, 2019

Dear Rangers,

We have a Server maintenance scheduled from 7:00AM - 9:00AM (CET), 1:00AM -3:00AM (EST) on Feb. 14th. Please log-out and close the game before the update to prevent any data loss. Maintenance duration may vary slightly depending on if there are any complications. Please check our Facebook page for any updates!

Updated Content:

1. New Event: Master Angler

Usually, sitting peacefully by a river with a fishing rod in hand can be a relaxing break from a Ranger's normal duties. It's your time to show the gorgeous fishing skill and be the King of Fishing! Rangers over level 30 are called to take part in the coming new event: Master Angler. 

2. New Costume (weapons): King of Fishing

3. New Event: Love all around

Winter has not left yet, and still the Land of Malheim is flooded with Fully Bloomed Roses because of the upcoming Valentine's Day. Collect them now by collecting herbs or taking limited tasks, and send them to your favorite NPC. The special event for Valentine's Day will show your LOVE all around!

4. New Costume from Divination: Night of Glory

It will change its appearance through corruption with special visual effects.

5. New Harness: Chosen

6. From Feb. 14th - Feb. 28th, the Neon Phantom/Sweetheart can be unlocked with only 10 Costume Fragments.

7. Several new Bundles on sale!

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