#MerryXmasRoO Facebook Event

Nov 23, 2018

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Christmas is almost there! Even the Rangers in RoO are about to have a rest and enjoy the holidays! Participate in the latest contest by sharing your favorite screenshot from the world of RoO during the Christmas holidays and collect likes for your screenshot. See the Rules below how to participate and win awesome Christmas gifts【Orange Rings FOR FREE】:


♦️Post your screenshot with the tag #MerryXmasRoO on your own Facebook Page during the time from Dec. 24th - Jan. 2nd. Your Server and ID Number must be written both in your post and on the screenshot as well.

♦️Your character should be visible in your screenshot. You can also take photos with your friends or NPCs. Adding some Christmas elements to your screenshot with Photoshop or other software is allowed.

♦️The post with the most likes during the event will be the winner! The Top 10 will be eligible for our Christmas rewards listed below.

♦️If you are too busy or due to other reasons cannot join the event, feel free to share your wishes to other rangers, also with the tag #MerryXmasRoO! Once the amount of posts with the #MerryXmasRoO tag reach over 200, all Rangers will get the Special Reward “Superior hunter's license voucher *1” through in-game mail after the event has ended.

Duration: Dec. 24th-Jan. 2nd (CET)


- 1st winner: Premium Treasure Map (get an Orange Ring FOR FREE) *2, Superior Vitality Potion *2, Silver *500k

- 2nd-3rd winner: Premium Treasure Map (get an Orange Ring FOR FREE) *1, Silver *200k

- 4th-10th winner: Vitality Potion *2, Vault Expansion Token *10, Silver *100k

- Total Posts reach over 200: Superior Hunter's license voucher *1

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