Rangers of Oblivion - Rings

Mar 08, 2019

All of us rangers have been lucky enough to stumble upon rings while searching for treasure. Some can simply head to the market and buy the ring of their choice, but simply wearing a ring is not enough if you are aiming for the top. Rangers may also Alter their rings in order to acquire the attributes of their choice.


Ring Attributes

Rings come with both basic and bonus attributes. Rings of the same type will always come with the same attributes, but the actually attribute power may differ (i.e. Might +2, Stoic +1). Bonus attributes are however randomized, and the attribute power range from 1-4. The number of different attributes on a ring is decided by that ring's quality.

For example, the Ring of Bliss II displayed in the picture has three basic attributes: Might, Stoic, and Survival Instincts, and its three bonus attributes are completely randomized. Images of a few high-level rings and their basic attributes have also been attached here for your consideration.




Altering Rings

Altering rings requires the aid of Alchemist Leia. Find her in the map, then initiate a conversation with her and select Alchemy, followed by Altering Rings, and you'll be taken to the Altering menu. When altering a ring, you may only choose to alter one of the three bonus attributes; this choice is irrevocable once made. In the first image, we've chosen to alter the 'Reviver +1' attribute.

Each alteration costs one God's Tear and five Diamond Dust. The attribute granted by altering and its power value is completely random.

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