Yo5uN's Guide - Ranger's Handbook

Mar 29, 2019

I started the quick guide about a month ago hoping to help others. It was far from perfect and I was lacking lots of knowledge. I played, read, discussed a lot in that 30 days and decided it is time for an update. It still is far from perfect but maybe a step closer. I am planning to polish it more and head for specific guides like skills, armors and so on. Till then hope it will help some of you.

As always please let me know what you think, what is wrong or missing and what you want to see next.Thanks & Happy Hunting!

Yo5uN (EU) / #3653


1-Character (top left)


Max level is 80.

Prestige levels are gained after 80, which don't give any benefits.

Main quests, side quests (! on map), bounties (4/day) and hunting are the sources for XP.

Main quests gives the best XP taking you half way to the next milestone.

For the other half, you need to perform the other tasks for a few days.


Vitality is used for life skills and tavern missions.

Each day you gain 500; 200 (at 6:00) + 300 (4 bounties)

You can restore more with vigor potions.

Art of Hunting and Tavern Missions are top priority

Work has the worst ratio and should be avoided completely.


Corruption increases as you fight behemoths.

It prevents you to do more when it reaches 90-100 range.

You can either meditate or just wait to reduce it.

Meditate option is located at drop-up menu (bottom left) at main screen

Meditate uses Soothing Incense which can be bought (Alchemy Shop) or crafted (Alchemy)

Don't meditate and spend resources early until the game asks you to.


Completing achievements grants titles.

Some titles comes with an attribute bonus.

You can pick an attribute bonus at "Activate Attribute" button at title screen.

It is easy to miss that at first but each skill counts.


Equipment, titles, horses and wild souls give skill points.

Each skill has milestones that activates a new effect.

Effects do not scale with skill points.

A negative effect can be cancelled easily by putting a few points there.

Having an in-between skill is a waste of points.

For example if a skill has 2 milestones at -10 and +10. -10 or lower gets the negative effect, -9 to +9 gets nothing, +10 or higher gets the positive effect.

1.6- Stats

Attack power shows your physical damage.

Negative crits happen.

Stun/Paralyze is not a damage stat.

Average DPS = (damage x c.chance x c.damage) + damage

Increasing damage (with same %) gives the most DPS

Keeping C.Chance and C.Damage close gives the best crit output.

2-Buffs (top left)

Prayer: Use candles (Alchemy Shop, Heaven's Sanctum's Shop, Alchemy) at shrines

Food/Drink: Stat buffs (Tavern, Cooking)

Banquet: Material and silver buff (Legion)

Others: Side effects, premium buffs etc.

Gratitude Prayer and Hero Banquet should (almost) always be on.

Food/Drink buffs are good for timed tasks and hard challenges.

3-Friends (top right, mail icon)

Max is 200 friends

Friends help with crops and should be kept near the max limit.

4-Events (top right, horn icon)

4.1-Hot Events


Gacha part of the game for (mostly) costumes

You need Lucky Clovers to participate (Legion Shop, Events, Achievements, Mall)

Each draw increases luck, which increases your chances. (Max. 200)

Each draw gives luck points.

You can purchase a Gate of Destiny Ticket for 3k points at Lucky Shop.

4.1.2-Elemental Hunt

Provides Elemental Crystals and Elemental Essences (for equipment crafting)

Different types are available each day

Rewards can also be gained from normal hunts

4.1.3-Wild Hunt

Gives wild souls. (1 or 2 stars)

Different types are available each day.

If a behemoth has a golden glowing limb, crippling it will give a normal or a mutated wild soul.

Wild souls can also be gained from normal hunts.

4.1.4-The Lost Isle

You will play the mode with a fresh character.

Killing and collecting can grant random equipment (for the mode only)

Kill 3 behemoths in 15 mins for max rewards

Move through the map to find the behemoths

Gives good rewards

A fun mod to try different weapons and souls

Rewards can also be gained from other sources.

4.1.5-Gate of Destiny

You need a Gate of Destiny Ticket to host this mode.

You can join as a party member 5 times per week.

Host will gain 20 Crystals of Fate, members will get 1-2 Crystals of Fate

You can exchange 30 crystals for an awakening fruit and 100 for a mutated soul (Icarus)

4.2-Daily Quests


Can get from Ranger Request Boards (4/day)

Completing gives XP, Gold, Vitality

The quests are either timed (kill in X mins) or destroy (cripple Y part)

Definitely needs to be completed each day.

Use Assist mode if you don't need that behemoths materials (to save vouchers)


Can get from Legion Request Board (3/day)

You need to hand in materials to complete

Completing increases legion prosperity and gives legion contribution.

Legion contribution can be spend in legion shop

It is a good way to remove unwanted materials for bag space

The quests are either 200 or 400 contribution worth (go for 400)

Definitely needs to be completed each day.

4.2.3-Tavern Missions

You can send your companions for timed missions at taverns.

Each mission has different rewards and difficulties

You can send up-to 3 parties consisting of max 3 companions at once.

Adding a Horse shortens the time.

Companion talents give extra benefits

Plant gathering missions are always a good choice for rare drops

Each mission costs 15 vitality.

Only sending full parties to plant gathering is a good strategy. (reward/vitality wise)

4.2.4-Hunter Academy

Basically as a max level, you will be helping others in their hunts.

You can complete 3 Instructor Hunts per day

Completing each will give you Instructor Gold

Instructor Gold can be spend at Instructor Shop

Each week if you complete 8 hunts, you can claim extra rewards

Storage Expansion Voucher > Vigor Potion > Hunting Voucher Pack

Definitely needs to be completed each day.


You can reach your farm from George > Request Crops

Plant stuff that you need (usually for cooking)

Helping your friends farm will give you friendship points (max 200/day)

High-Yield seeds (friendship shop) produces more plants (50 point/seed)

Fertilization and Lushness determines the outcome

You should use fertilizer (market, George's farm, alchemy) to keep fertilization high (170-200)

Disasters happen which drains lushness as long as they persist

It is hard to keep them healthy alone so add as much friends as possible (200)

You can "harvest" (simply steal) 12 times from your friends farms

Always have 4 seeds in the ground.


Each NPC has a friendliness meter with 4 milestones (250-500-750-1000)

Each milestone grants a permanent bonus and usually a gift

You need to give gifts to NPCs to increase that meter.

Each NPC can receive up-to 10 gifts per day

You can give up-to 30 gifts per day

You can see what they want when u open the "Send Gift" tab

Almost always better quality gifts brings more friendliness

Rumors add new items to a NPC's gift tab for a day

You can randomly hear rumors or buy them from bards at taverns

Some NPCs will give u a quest at 999 friendliness that needs to be done to reach max.

Increasing friendliness to 250 with "hunting companions" makes them available for use

Depending on your weapon 3 NPCs will grant skill runes (1000 friendliness for all runes)

George, Dolores, Avril (250 friendliness) needed for foodie profession

Bjorn (250 friendliness) needed for hunter profession

Leif (250 friendliness) needed for exploration profession

Try to focus on 3 NPCs at a time

4.3-Weekly Requests

You will receive 8 quests each week

Completing them gives hunter medals

Hunter medals can be used at Hunter Medal Exchange (Douglas)

Vigor Potion = Hunting Voucher > Large Bag of Gold

4.4-Life Skills

4.4.1-Art of Hunting

Increases Hunter profession

Needs to be enabled at the start of each hunt (behemoth icon)

Gives a chance for extra materials

Hardest to train as it is limited to number of hunts

Should enable it at each hunt


Increases exploration profession

Almost each zone has a fishing spot (fish icon)

You need a rod and a bait to fish

Each zone has different catches

Each catch has a different habitat (distance)

You can check Fish Gallery (book icon at fishing mode) for area and habitat info.

You can enable auto-fishing (rod icon) but you still need to pull each catch

You can also catch toys, bottles, embers, exchange items

4.4.3-Treasure Hunt

Increases exploration profession

You get treasure maps from bottles

Higher quality bottles give higher quality maps, higher quality maps give better treasure.

Investigating the map will get you in exploration mode.

When you reach the zone with chest icon, Hatchet will ask to join.

Hatchet will find the treasure for you and you will dig it out.

It is the only way to get rings

4.4.4-Horse Taming

Cassandra / Exploration / Horse taming

You need an ambergris (Alchemy, Alchemy Shop)

Ambergris quality increases the chance to find a higher generation horse

Sneak and mount the horse to catch it

Some horses are zone specific (Horses/Gallery for info)


Increases foodie profession

A good way to create gifts for NPCs (friendliness)

Each recipe requires different ingredients (fishing, plant, gathering)


You can work for Bjorn (hunter), Leif (exploration), Avril (foodie) to increase your professions

The XP/Vitality ratio is low and should be avoided

Can only be an option if you are at max vitality

5-Book (top right, book icon)


You will see a track option when you are checking a promote, rune, forge etc page

Enabling that option will add the required items to journal

You can easily check what you need to hunt next

Items on the list will be marked so you don't sell them by mistake


Each NPC is listed here

Friendliness and rumors can be found here

Hitting the location icon (bottom right) will get you to that NPC


A yellow star shows the behemoth is weak to that type

An empty star or a X shows the behemoth is resistant to that type

Each weapon has an advantage over a certain part


You need to equip a faction badge (Bag/Equipment/Banner)

You get points and reputation for that faction as you play

Points can be used at faction shops

Heaven's Sanctum has the best items (Harness, candles)

6-Bag (top right, bag icon)


Best way to obtain silver is buying 10k silver for 1k gold (Marlowe)

Best way to obtain gold is selling stuff at market

6.2-Hunting Voucher

Each day you gain 34; 10 daily + 1/hour

You can restore more with hunting vouchers

Each hunt consumes a number of vouchers


Weapons and armors can be crafted, evolved and enhanced (Brokk/Forge)

You can socket wild souls for extra skills (armors)

Ring (treasure hunt) gives skills

Necklace (Legion shop, The Lost Isle) gives attack stats

Necklace can be empowered for more stats (Leia/Alchemy)

6.4-Bag Space

Storage Expansion Vouchers are used to increase bag space

You will mostly need space for materials

Keep your vouchers and use them when you need the space

7-Menu (top right)


Real money shop

The game is highly free to play so it is not a have to

Sometimes there are sweet deals so keep an eye on


You can buy and sell stuff to other players for gold


Star grades are just visuals

You can check the requirements if you click on promotion conditions

Completing those will grant the stars over your head


Binding your account gives you gifts (secure your account)


Legion level increases member limit

Requests are daily quests that gives legion contribution

You can donate to vault for more legion contribution

Contribution points can be used at legion shop

You should be buying Lucky Clover, Storage Expansion, Legion Necklace each week

Banquet is a big legion buff and needs a preparation phase first

Completing the tasks at preparation phase gives rewards

Once activated the buff can be used 4 times

Each buff lasts for 20 hunts increasing silver and material drops


You need to feed horses to increases their maturity

Each horse has a lifespan, which can be increased with Ghost Pipe (a rare item)

You can catch up to G3 horses

For G4+ you need to breed them

Gallery shows possible horse locations and pairing results

Breeding happens between a male and a female horse and requires silver laurel

Maturity and generation increases the results quality


You can deploy up to 3 companions at once

You can unlock companions by increasing friendliness with them

You need to promote them when they reach a milestone

They will gain talent points which you can distribute for extra stats

Talent points can be reset for free

Pick 3 companions that will fight with you and give them combat talents

The rest should have dispatch talents to gain more from tavern missions


7.8.1-Skill Runes

Each weapon has 3 skill and each skill has 4 runes

You need friendliness with the related NPC to use the runes

Runes change the skill; adding an effect, increasing distance, granting a buff etc

Each rune can be upgraded for better stats


Hunting behemoths increases your specialization level (max 100)

Skill slots open at certain levels (5 total)

You can insert skills there to gain the assign effects

There are 9 skills that can be learned with skill tomes

To open the next row of skill, the 3 skills on the first should be level 1 or more

Each skill comes with a basic buff (always on) and an assign effect


Art of Hunting increases Hunter profession

Fishing and Treasure Hunting increases Exploration profession

Cooking increases Foodie profession

As their levels increase you can buy new abilities from their tree

After a point you need friendliness (250) with the related NPCs to advacne

7.9-Wild Soul

Desolate, normal and mutated are the rarities for souls

Desolate is common and used to feed other souls

Normal ones can be found every 10-20 hunts

Mutated ones give the best stats but very rare

Souls can be deployed or insert in armor sockets

Deploying gives 3 soul skills during hunts

Socketing gives skill points

Awakening a soul increases the benefits but requires awakening fruit (very rare)

8-Map (top right)

The world has 6 zones

4 of the zones have specific hunting zones; Night's Hold (N), Dune Outpost (W), Valley of Dawn (E), King's Port (S)

Some NPCs are zone specific and others appear at each zone

You can travel between zones using the world map

You can travel in a zone by clicking where you want

9-Drop-Up Menu (bottom left, arrow)

Meditate (confused icon) requires soothing incense (Alchemy, Alchemy Shop)

Screen Shot (camera icon) required for weekly quests

Toys (HA icon) to use toys (from fishing)

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